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Email Marketing 101 | Back To The Basics

Email Marketing 101 |  Back To The Basics


Before you decide to hit that send button; there are important email marketing basics that you should revisit:

Always have something to say that provides value.

There are multiple reasons to send out an email: Sharing news, brand loyalty, educational, invitations, driving prospects to your site, promoting your products/services and the list goes on.

Regardless of your reason; always be sure to provide some sort of value for the recipient. Set a goal when planning your email and focus your content and your call-to-action to accomplish that goal.


Follow these basic email tips

-Create a sending schedule– We are looking for your Subscribers to think about your business when they are in need.  Keep top of mind with email. We try to mail at least one time per month.

-Keep your word. If  you promise certain info in the subscribe process; then be sure that is what you deliver. A big part of maintaining engagement is providing the info that they signed up for.

-Use images and links – Always include a mix of images and text, and include links back to your website, products or services.

-Make it readable – At every step of the email creation process, think of your readers. Use a sans serif (no curlicues or swishes on the letters) font such as Verdana, Arial or Times New Roman in black or dark grey for easy reading.
Include a postal address and unsubscribe link – A postal address and unsubscribe link is required by CAN-SPAM.